Morso NF Guillotines - The solution to cabinet front-frame manufacture

The Morsų NF is a foot-pedal operated guillotine specifically designed and developed to simplify the process of cutting the component parts for beaded cabinet front-frames.

The working sequence allows the operator to process these parts as follows:

1. To maintain accurate internal frame sizes for doors and carcases.

2. To produce stiles in exact pairs using the right and left fences and flip-stops

3. To allow variations in stile and rail widths without changing the settings.

4. To make male and female sections, which fit precisely together.

5. The Morsų NF guillotine leaves the front and reverse sides of the wood profile perfectly smooth and requiring no further preparation before jointing. Once the stops are set, the horizontal movement of the cutting head allows various widths of profile to be cut, without changing the settings.

6. The special centre stop with fine adjusters ensures tight and accurate joints.

7. The 1500mm left and right fence guides with three pairs of flip-stops, ensure accurate sets of stiles are produced. Longer fence guides are available on request.

8. The entire system of operation is designed for ease of use and accurate manufacture.

Morsų NF guillotines are supplied with 6 sliding longitudinal flip-stops, fence guides on both left and right sides of the machine, 2 nose knives (as per request) and 1 pair of side knives. Morsų NF guillotines are also available with electro-hydraulic operation. Model NEH is designed for medium-high volume production. With dual hand operation, ensuring ease of use and total safety.

So why the Hoffmann - Morsų system?

The Hoffmann - Morsų system has enjoyed increasing success over recent years. The applications, especially in the cabinet industry, continue to increase. All who have embraced the system have enjoyed the benefits of increased product quality, enhanced production and elimination of problems.

The system is versatile and adaptable. The application technology  is highly flexible thanks to a wide range of machinery available, from standard models to totally customized equipment.

The dovetail shape is a proven mechanical feature, recognised for its precision and performance. The system locks together by configuration. The sloping faces of the dovetail shape are ribbed, so that they grip into the material as they are inserted to create the joint. This draws the two parts together creating a precise, durable and accurate joint.

This offers many advantages not only to individual craftsman but also to major high volume producers. The combination of the Hoffmann and Morsų  machinery makes this concept one of the truly original production processes of modern time.