CB – M

End Profiling

Plant-on Georgian Glazing Bars

Since the introduction of sealed double glazing units to the window industry, the aesthetic appearance of multi paned wooden windows has been compromised. One option was to install numerous individual sealed units into a traditionally constructed multi paned Georgian-style window. But the alternative was to fabricate a window with a full size double glazed unit, then construct a grid to represent the numerous small panes in the Georgian-style and plant this grid on the glass with a dedicated type of adhesive tape.


Although labour intensive, this alternative method is still cost effective compared with installing individual sealed units. This grid can be created with interlocking half-lap joints but then the ends need to have a counter profile to fit the detail shape on the window frame. Alternatively all joints can be made with counter profiled ends.

Hoffmann have developed a bench-top machine to solve this difficult manufacturing process. The Hoffmann CB-M is a dedicated machine for the production of these plant-on glazing-bars. It is an adaptable bench-top model for counter-profile routing the ends of profiled glazing bars. Using opposing direction router motors it produces a counter profile cut without breakout to one side of the profile.

The machine is supplied without tooling, as each customer will require different tooling to suit their particular profiles, but we are happy to give advise to assist you. Fitted with variable speed motors so the design enables the optimum working speed for each wood species and therefore the quality of cut.

Hoffmann CB-M End Profiling machine            £4890.00 ex VAT

Whilst stocks last we have a very limited stock held at 2023 price £3790.00 ex VAT