Your Partner in Wood Processing Established in 1990, initially with the building of special machines for the woodworking industry and other specialist areas. The introduction of the Hoffmann Dovetail Key completely changed the company profile.

Today we manufacture, alongside the Hoffmann Dovetail Key range, a comprehensive program of routing machines for use with the Hoffmann Key jointing process, as well as special machines for trade and industry.

1990         Established

1992        Development of the „Hoffmann Dovetail Key“

1993         Focus on the international markets

1994         Awarded the Dr. Eberle prize for outstanding
                   technical achievement

1995         Bavarian State prize for the „Double Mitre
                   Saw MS35″

1996         Building the present headquarters in the
                   industrial area of Bruchsal

1997         Established Hoffmann Machine Co.Ltd. in

2001         Extension of the warehouse and office area

2002         Development of “Hoffmann-window corner”“

2004         Intensification of the new product range
                    “special machine”

2005         Extension of the administration building in

2007         The second extension of the workshops,
                     warehouses and offices

2013         Build a warehouse for raw materials and
                   finished parts

2017         The new generation Keyway routing
                   machines „MU 3 / MU 3-P“

2018        „W-0“ NEW – The smallest Hoffmann Key &
                   „CB“ End Profiling Machine