Hoffmann will show at W Exhibition in Birmingham 27th- 30th September, 2020

As many companies in the furniture, joinery and construction sectors continue to seek ways through the economic morass of the last two years, those making progress have done so by introducing carefully thought through efficiencies in production and quality levels that make them more streamlined cost efficient and sharper at the performance end.

One fundamental operation common to all areas of woodworking is creating joints – strong, secure and permanent joints. Depending on the operation and final product these can vary widely in type and form as well as how crucial they are to the structure and integral strength of the final product.

Joints require precision. They need absolute interface between the opposing components and then secure locking where the natural strength of the parts (the grain and structure) has been interrupted.

When the Hoffmann system of creating perfect and secure joints was developed it was underpinned with four main principles: accuracy, speed, strength, permanency.

Arguably, in the present climate, the “speed” element of these four principles has become particularly important as, among the many other advantages of the Hoffmann system, it has been proved that up to 70% of time and labour can be saved over a whole range of applications.

Seeing the Hoffmann system demonstrated, has proved the best possible persuader over the years and, for the first time in nearly two years in the UK, Hoffmann will take a comprehensive stand at the forthcoming national W exhibition in September at the NEC, Birmingham on Stand G1000. Not only will this be an opportunity to see the range of joints and applications that the Hoffmann system can cover, but it will also be an oportunity to see an important cross section of the range of Hoffmann machines designed to create the joints for their dovetail keys – from manual bench-mounted routers to full CNC and PLC controlled combination automats.

The Hoffmann system is working successfully in hundreds of workshops and factories throughout the UK, Ireland and around the world. From creating simple mitre and haunch joints for furniture and cabinet face frames, to internal architectural products like door architraves, coving joints, staircase components, window frames and many more.

Hoffmann is also a well proven and approved method of joining in construction applications not least of which was the successful construction of sub-framework to complete the installation of state-of-the-art acoustic panelling in the prestigious St Davids shopping mall in Cardiff.

The Hoffmann system has also proven its worth in many other fields like picture canvas backing, framing acoustic mural frames, jewellery display cases, internal panelling and even stand-alone teak baths for export to Royal households in the Far East.

The essence of the Hoffmann system is the serrated dovetail key (of various sizes)which, when inserted in the perfectly routed keyway slots in the opposing faces of the joint, pulls it together, tightly, securely accurately and permanently.

Obviously there is much to be gained by investigating the entire Hoffmann system and machine range before W10 and this can be done on their website and requesting a brochure.

Hoffmann MU3D Dovetail MachineHoffmann Dovetail Jointing Keys